04 October 2010

Guest Room: Phase One

When we first moved in to our new home, the spare room was our "office," merely because we were too lazy/cheap to buy a wireless router and it's the only room in the house with an internet jack.  We've been having a lot of visitors/temporary roommates lately, so we splurged and bought ourselves a fancy wireless router so we could move the "office" to the basement.  We also decided to spruce up our guest room a little bit.

Phase I: New Paint Color.  You can read all about my paint dilemma here.  I finally chose a color: Weathered Fossil.


bandit getting into the trash.


 Stay tuned for Phase II.


  1. it changes the room entirely. Love the color.

  2. What a difference I love the color!

  3. Like it as well! Now I can come sleep at your house.