17 January 2011

Small Projects

We've been in this house for a year now, and I finally got around to setting up the stereo/record player.  I've been hesitant to put it out in the common area with the crazy dogs and our built in was full with books.  After we've organized the guest room a little more, I was able to move some of the books in there to make room for the stereo.  Only one problem: the record player is larger than the shelving.  Solution:  we had some spare wood from the rebuilding center that was used for shelving in our old house.  We had to cut it to make it fit, but it works perfectly!  And my records and player are high enough away from the dogs.  That receiver has been in my life ever since I can remember.  I am sure it predates me.  Trust John Doyle to be able to keep an electronic in working condition for so long.  Eventually I'll get around to making the whole built-in more aesthetically pleasing, either stripping the paint, repainting, or wallpapering. 
I want more houseplants.  I don't have money for more house plants, but we have little natural light sources in our cabin-like living room and people don't give house plants away on craigslist as much as you'd think.  I have been reading about terrariums for awhile now and recently Aisling and Aaron made some.  Most everything I read talked about store bought items: soils, charcoal, plants like succulents and ferns, etc.  Then I stumbled across this, a real simple and cheap way of doing it.  We have tons of small rocks on the side of our house, plenty of good soil from the garden, and moss is plentiful in the Northwest, especially this time of year.  I got the containers from Goodwill.  The most expensive one was $2.00.
Door Decorations:
When we first moved in, our bathroom door had a random addition, that I think had a knocker or fishhead or something that the old owner took with them.  I bought a wooden slingshot in Guatemala and it's been sitting on a shelf with random knick-knacks ever since.  To go along with our "Guate" themed hallway, I decided to hang it on the door.  Just some simple wood glue and voila!  We have plans to eventually paint the hallway a burnt orange/mustard color.

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  1. That receiver may be one we bought at Lakenheath - 1983 vintage.