14 March 2011

The end of our winter garden

We're pulling up the last of the winter garden, mainly leeks and kale, to make room for spring time plantings, like potatoes!  We've given some to family members and are throwing the rest in morning scrambles.  Willis has set up the grow station in the basement to start seeds and this past weekend, we purchased some chard starts.  Since, we've had a few seasons worth of garden in our home, I thought I'd show a one year time lapse of one section of our yard.

March 2010: 2 months after we moved in. You can't really tell, but there is a random pile of rocks, lamb's ear, and prickly pear in the middle of the yard! WTF!
April 201: We planted a mini plum tree in between the wisteria and the hibiscus. We pulled up a bunch of bricks that the previous owner had laid and put in a border.  We used cardboard and compost to kill off the grass, and put up a bee box.  The dogwood blooms.
April 2010: We moved the random pile of rocks and lamb's ear and added in some moss and blueberry bushes.  We also added stepping stones and added in some drip irrigation, to make watering easier and less wasteful.  The wisteria blooms.
August 2010: The squash goes crazy!!  The squash winds up the fence and attacks the wisteria.  The strawberries gasp for air.  The hibiscus blooms.
March 2011:  The wisteria is gone!!!!  Although you can't tell, the lamb's ear, strawberries, mosses, and blueberry bushes still surround the plum tree.  I don't know why this photo looks like it's from the '70s.

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