02 April 2011


My friends Nick and Courtney have been encouraging me to get into home brewing for a while. For my birthday they gave me a not-so-subtle hint/gift. It was a book on home brewing and a gift certificate to a Hombrew Exchange. So I took the hint and last month I went to the home brew shop, got a starter kit and ingredients to make a brown ale.

For my first batch, I wanted to do something easy. I worked with one of the employees at Homebrew Exchange to get the ingredients for "Naked Sunday Brown Ale." It's a recipe from The Joy of Homebrewing. I used a hopped malt extract, so I didn't have to worry about boiling hops or finishing hops. It came out great!


  1. Hey guys. I have brewed a bunch of batches of beer. The hopped malt extracts are great, but your really missing out on a ton of the fun! This hobby really starts to take off when you start to use specialty grains and different hops. Me and my girlfriend love spending 2 or 3 hours making beer. It helps us bond over something that usually drives couples apart! Alcohol!

  2. YES!! i am so happy. for you. happy birthday!