25 April 2011

Day trip: Seattle

Willis and I have been saying that we will visit his sister and some of our friends in Seattle for well over a year now.  Only a 3 hour drive north, yet somehow we never get around to it.  Until now. 

Yesterday, we took a day trip and spent our Easter Sunday in Seattle.  My sister, Aisling, was kind enough to drop off and pick up our dogs from daycare, so we could get out of town early.

The drive up was, not surprisingly, rainy.  A drastic contrast to the sunny spring day we had on Saturday.  But, thankfully the rain held out for our brief visit.

We met up with an old friend and Willis' sister in Fremont, ate brunch, browsed junk and antiques at the market, enjoyed a beer, ate some ice-cream, and strolled along the waterfront to Gas Works Park.

We left Seattle around 5 o'clock to get back to the dogs. 

Of course, it rained the whole drive home. 

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