08 April 2011

Thrift Store Finds: March

March offered some great thrift store finds for our household.

Table:  It all started when my mom was in town visiting and we took a trip to the Salvation Army.  At the time, we had no idea there was a 50% off sale.  I noticed a table and 4 chairs for $80.  I really liked them, but would never be able to convince myself that it was worth it.  While we were browsing, my mom overheard that everything was 50% off.  We went to the front of the store and confirmed that everything was on sale, and my mentality quickly changed.  I quickly sent a picture to Willis to see what he thought (I love smart phones).  He responded, "Sure."  The table replaced Willis' Ikea table and two chairs we had in the small "nook" area in the kitchen.
Chairs:  I placed the chairs around the house to add more seating throughout.  If we have guests over, we can just drag them into the kitchen.  I plan to eventually reupholster them.

Arklow Pottery:  That same day, from a distance, my mom spotted some Arklow Pottery.  We couldn't believe it!  Almost a full set for 50% off!?  We'll take it!  My mom worked in the pottery, so it was easy for her to spot the distinct characteristics of the pitcher and sugar bowl.  Arklow is our hometown in Ireland and the pottery was a large industry providing jobs for many generations, almost everyone has a pottery story to tell.  I remember tourists always stopping to ask for directions to the pottery, located near the beach on the South Quay, or finding pieces all over the beach.  It closed in 1999. 

Jars:  I love having all sorts of jars in the kitchen.  They are so practical.  Bulk foods, water glasses, coffee, canning, yogurt, freezer storage, leftovers, spices, etc.  I found 8 jars with these awesome lids for 50 cents each that are perfect for the spices that we use the most: garlic, chili, paprika, chili flakes, pickling spices, dill, cinnamon, and curry.

The Cow:  We purchased this lamp from Target with a gift card Willis received for the holidays.  At first, I was hesitant because of the price.  But, I really liked the idea of having extra shelving for plants in our living room and the dark wood and yellow shade would fit perfectly.  The problem was the lower shelf.  I didn't want to put plants on it in case the dogs (mainly Bandit) got bored one day and destroyed it.  I tried a variety of items: books, bird house, empty vase, etc.  But nothing looked right.  I really wanted a porcelain dog, similar to this.  Instead, I stumbled upon this cow for $2.00.  It's perfect!
Light:  Remember the orange lamp that Willis couldn't stop thinking about?  Well, I found a matching sconce for $3.  I've yet to affix it to the wall, but plan on it going next to the bed in the guest room.  I'm also keeping my eye out for a good shade.

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