26 February 2011

Rain Barrels & the Guest Room (Phase II)

Willis and I with my favorite niece, Teagan, in Stuttgart, Germany.
As I type this, Willis is making some butternut squash chili nachos and I am drinking delicious Elderberry Mead, brewed by Nick and Courtney!  The wood stove is burning and I have two dogs snuggled up on the couch with me.  Tonight is a good night.

Willis and I just recently returned from a trip to visit family in Ireland and Stuttgart.

Before we left, Willis chopped down the out of control Wisteria in the back yard.  Although I love it and it makes a great bird habitat, it's a little too much to handle as it creeps over the fence and into our neighbors yard.  We are also hoping to use  the space for a few more dwarf fruit trees.  Probably cherry.  When spring comes around in full bloom, I plan on posting before and after pictures of our backyard to see the slow transformation.

After our trip, we finally purchased a stone base for our rain barrels.  Willis installed the base last weekend.  We can't wait to install rain barrels at every down spout to maximize our water catchment system.  I purchased the 55 gallon barrels off craigslist a few years ago for super cheap.  Willis attached all the necessary hardware to turn them into rain barrels.

This weekend, we did something we rarely do: go thrifting together.  I purchased two end tables which brings our Guest Room into Phase II.  Willis also bought the bedside lamp that he has been thinking about ever since we saw it at a local thrift store a few months ago.  My next goals for the guest room are to buff and refinish those end tables and frame and hang pictures.


  1. Can we reserve the room for July and August?

  2. Got you down. Just know it comes, complimentary, with two dogs sleeping with you!

  3. "i see the first pillow i ever made in there, i can't believe you still have it!" -courtney elaine lomonte aka "LoMo"