10 May 2011

As the Bread Rises....

I've been baking a lot of "No Knead" bread lately.  It's super simple.  It takes 2 minutes to mix, 12 hours to rise, 2 minutes to pan, 1.5 more hours to rise, and 30 minutes to bake.  It's great.  You can mix it before you go to bed, then pan it in the morning.  Next, you can get about 2 hours of stuff done, and then enjoy fresh bread 30 minutes later!

What I did today while the bread was in it's second rest stage:

1. Went for a run:  I took the two dogs for a short run around the block.  I am going to attempt (no promises) to get back into running again.  Bandit is a great running partner, he can keep the pace and keep it up.  He loves it.  Banjo on the other hand?  Not so much.  She keeps up for about 400 meters and then starts to draaaaaaaag.  By the end of the run I'm stuck in the middle with one small dog pulling and smiling and the other dragging behind wondering why we're going so fast for "a walk."  In the past, when I've routinely ran, I used mapmyrun.com to map out runs but recently discovered dailymile.com and am considering switching over.  I don't really like how MMR keeps asking me for a premium membership and is swamped with ads.

2. Started to build a fence:  When I returned from my run, I still had plenty of time to get started on a small fence for our garden.  We are hoping to put the gates up within the next month (don't hold your breath).  And when we do, the dogs will be outside unsupervised a lot more, which means we need a better way to make sure they are not getting their dirty little paws in the garden beds.  So, we are putting mini fences around the beds.  Something simple, cheap, not too tacky, and doesn't block a lot of sun.

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